The day I deleted my facebook account

Tânia Neves
3 min readNov 21, 2015


18 November, 2015.

Having just come back from a couple weeks trip through Colombia, I realised that we’re being consumed by our social media — facebook in particular. Particular points that influenced my decision: I had very little internet access on the week I was in Palomino, and when I got internet access back — November 13th, the day of the ISIS attacks in Paris — I was astonished with the amount of negativity, fear and too much non-sense political opinions from people I considered to be friends with.

It suddently kicked in: Facebook is stupidifying people. No matter how I tighten my privacy settings, unfollow people I think share less interesting contents… We spend ridiculous amounts of hours scrolling through peoples virtual lives. We are so many online, and so few alive offline. From those who only read the headliners and are suddently political experts, to those insistently invite to events, games, add you to groups, ask you to like pages… and most annoyngly of all, the uncountless times people share sad / shocking news.

Hence, I have deleted my facebook account. Well, not completely… I’ve created a second account, to keep online my professional presence on my professional page. And even this new, secret account, the morning after I already had 6 friend-requests. I was astonished… I just want to be left out of the facebook world, how could I already have 6 requests? Once again, I’ve tightened my privacy settings — to ridiculously strict.

The day after, I started having feedback from why I had deleted my facebook account. Firstly, my friends refusal: how could I have deleted my facebook? How could I? Yup, I too think we’re too attached and dependent on facebook. And that’s what actually feels good — setting myself free! But then, the other consequences: many other apps and sites use our facebook credentials to login and browse. My apple computers immediately asked for my facebook credentials, and even my GPS app couldn’t give me directions straight away, as my facebook login was missing. SERIOUSLY?! And later people texting and calling me — “I can’t reach you facebook, what happened?” — I deleted my account. “WHY?!?!?”

And so I wonder: can’t people live and lead an offline life? Do we really have to have a facebook account? I’ve been letting people know, I still have: a mobile phone, which perfectly receives phone calls and texts; an instagram account; a twitter account; an email account; two blogs (tumblr and wordpress); a front door with the appropriate bell (yes, people can still knock on doors… can’t they?!); so, why should I need facebook?

I truly recommend everyone to try and delete their facebook accounts. It’s the most liberating thing I’ve done in recent years…